man suffering from sinus pain


Aug, 2016

Is There a Connection Between Nasal Polyps and Chronic Sinusitis?

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For some people, nasal congestion is not just an issue during the spring, summer, or other specific times of the year. Many experience annoying symptoms throughout the year with no periods of relief. These can include congestion, painful sinus…

woman seeking sinus treatment in Atlanta


Jul, 2016

Looking for the Best Sinus Treatment in Atlanta?

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Sinusitis (sinus infection) is a very common condition, and in an effort to relieve their symptoms, many people try treatments that aren’t likely to help. Before you run to the drug store and waste time and money on ineffective remedies, look for an otolaryngologist – an ear, nose, and throat specialist – to accurately diagnose your condition and its underlying cause in order to provide you with the most effective…

woman suffering from a deviated septum


May, 2016

What are the Causes and Treatments for a Deviated Septum?

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Most people have some sort of imbalance in the size of their breathing passages. The nasal cavity is divided in half by a thin wall of cartilage – called a septum – that separates the two nostrils. About 80% of Americans have some degree of deviation in the septum. In this blog, the sinus specialists at the Sinus Center of Atlanta will explain the causes and treatment options for a…

Woman able to breath free after turbinate reduction


Mar, 2016

What is Radiofrequency Turbinate Reduction?

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Nasal turbinates are bony and soft tissue structures that project from the walls of the nasal passages. The largest and most important of these, the inferior turbinates, help trap dust and other particles so they don’t enter your lungs. In addition, they add heat and moisture to the air you breathe in, enabling your lungs to function more effectively. These turbinates can become enlarged and interfere with normal breathing, contributing…

woman with chronic sinusitis and nasal polyps who needs treatment


Feb, 2016

The Connection Between Nasal Polyps and Chronic Sinusitis

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Sinusitis, also known as a sinus infection, is a condition that affects more than 35 million Americans each year. Given its widespread impact, it’s understandable that most people are familiar with what this condition is and the symptoms it involves. However, less is known about nasal polyps, a condition that may develop in conjunction with sinusitis. In fact, some people may not even be aware that they have nasal polyps.  …

man suffering from sinusitis and sleep apne


Dec, 2015

Is There a Connection Between Sinusitis and Sleep Apnea?

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We can all relate to the experience of having a night of poor sleep because of a stuffy nose. The uncomfortable feeling that you can't breathe (and the snoring that often results) can make for a long, unpleasant night for both you and your sleeping partner. This can be even worse when the condition is an ongoing one due to a chronic sinus problem.   In this blog, the board-certified…