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Atlanta Polypectomy (Nasal Polyp Surgery)

Enlarged nasal polyps may be a source of nasal obstruction requiring an advanced removal procedure if symptoms do not improve with conservative treatments such as nasal steroid sprays and allergy medications. Our top Atlanta sinus doctors are experts at performing polypectomies to remove nasal polyps.

At Atlanta Sinus Center, we pride ourselves on patient happiness and dedicate ourselves to the treatment and relief of sinus and nasal conditions. If you require a nasal polyp surgery, schedule an appointment using the form on this page.


What is a polypectomy?

A polypectomy is a procedure that removes enlarged nasal polyps from the lining of the nasal passages and sinuses in order to relieve nasal obstruction and prevent recurring cases of sinusitis.


How does a polypectomy work?

The procedure involves a Sinus Center of Atlanta physician entering the nostrils with specialized medical tools and carefully removing the polyps while a patient is under general or local anesthesia. A nasal polyp surgery may be performed as part of an endoscopic sinus surgery, during which the surgeon uses a small, flexible camera to view into the nasal passages and sinuses and remove tissue with greater precision.

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What are the advantages of a polypectomy?

  • Does not involve incisions as it is performed entirely through the nostrils
  • Only the affected tissue is removed
  • Less scarring than traditional sinus surgery
  • Improved and continued breathing function


What results can I expect from a polypectomy?

Many patients who undergo a nasal polyp surgery report improved sinus function and symptoms of nasal obstruction several weeks after the procedure. Because nasal polyps may be caused by an underlying condition or genetic disease, the success of the treatment varies. In some cases, polyps may reemerge.


Take the first step towards healthy breathing and relief from congestion caused by nasal polyps. Make an appointment with the Sinus Center of Atlanta for an evaluation today.

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