Endoscopic Sinus Surgery

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Endoscopic Sinus Surgery

When chronic sinusitis or nasal obstruction caused by polyps cannot be successfully treated with conservative options, you may be a candidate for an advanced procedure called endoscopic sinus surgery. Our top Atlanta sinus doctors are able to perform surgery through the nostrils without any cutting through the skin, resulting in a much faster recovery than with traditional sinus surgery.

At Atlanta Sinus Center, we pride ourselves on patient happiness and dedicate ourselves to the treatment and relief of sinus and nasal conditions. If you require endoscopic sinus surgery, schedule an appointment using the form on this page.


What is endoscopic sinus surgery?

Endoscopic sinus surgery is a procedure that restores normal sinus drainage and function and treats some causes of nasal obstruction with less downtime than traditional sinus surgery. The advanced surgery is performed using an endoscope, or a small camera, which is inserted into the patient’s nostrils so that Sinus Center of Atlanta’s physicians have a detailed view of the nasal passages and sinus cavities without needing to make any skin incisions.


How does endoscopic sinus surgery work?

Endoscopic sinus surgery begins with the insertion of an endoscope, a thin and flexible camera, into a patient’s nostril while he or she is under general or local anesthesia. With this endoscope, the surgeon is able to see clearly into the nasal passages and sinus cavities and magnify the areas where nasal obstruction or drainage issues are occurring. Using the detailed view from the camera, your physician can then carefully remove tissue or small amounts of bone in the problem areas, effectively opening up the blocked nasal passages and sinuses and restoring normal drainage. The surgery is performed entirely through the nostrils and involves no cutting through the skin, resulting in a much faster recovery for patients than traditional sinus surgery.

What are the advantages of endoscopic sinus surgery?

  • Fast and easy recovery
  • Does not involve incisions as it is performed entirely through the nostrils
  • Highly effective with minimal discomfort
  • Only the affected tissue is removed
  • Less scarring than traditional sinus surgery
  • Continued relief from sinusitis and causes of nasal obstruction


What results can I expect from endoscopic sinus surgery?

Nearly all patients who undergo endoscopic sinus surgery report improved sinus function and symptoms of nasal obstruction several weeks after the procedure. Recovery times typically range from 7 to 10 days and most patients can go home the same day as surgery.


Take the first step towards healthy breathing and relief from chronic sinusitis and nasal airway obstruction. Make an appointment with the Sinus Center of Atlanta for an evaluation today.

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