turbinate reduction


Dec, 2017

What Is Turbinate Reduction And Do You Need Surgery?

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Are you having trouble breathing? Do you suffer from reoccurring sinus infections and congestion? While allergies or inflammation may cause these symptoms, inflamed turbinates may be the source of your problems. A simple turbinate reduction could ease these symptoms.…

Woman able to breath free after turbinate reduction


Mar, 2016

What is Radiofrequency Turbinate Reduction?

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Nasal turbinates are bony and soft tissue structures that project from the walls of the nasal passages. The largest and most important of these, the inferior turbinates, help trap dust and other particles so they don’t enter your lungs. In addition, they add heat and moisture to the air you breathe in, enabling your lungs to function more effectively. These turbinates can become enlarged and interfere with normal breathing, contributing…


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