woman wonders if her sinus pressure is caused by spring allergies or sinusitis


Apr, 2016

Is My Sinus Pressure Caused by Spring Allergies or Sinusitis?

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When spring comes into full bloom, many allergy sufferers find that their allergies also come into full effect. As the days change and winter’s cold, brisk air gives way to warmer temperatures, allergy sufferers often experience a rise in symptoms. They frequently have stuffy noses, runny eyes, and aching heads this time of year. As you suffer through this season, you may assume you know what condition is causing your…

a look at the advantages of allergy drops


Aug, 2015

The Advantages of Allergy Drops (Sublingual Immunotherapy)

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If you suffer from allergies, you are probably quite familiar with the route to your allergist's office and you've likely spent more than a few hours traveling to and from appointments for allergy shots. What you may not be familiar with is an alternative treatment option called sublingual immunotherapy, which achieves the same results as allergy shots, but offers numerous advantages.   Sublingual immunotherapy, also known as allergy drops, is…


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