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Top 3 Reasons for Your Sinus Pressure

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sinus pressureIs there anything worse than sinus pressure? When you’re dealing with a runny nose and a plethora of aches, your entire body suffers.

It’s always tempting to pop a few over the counter pills to deal with your symptoms. And while that might make you feel better for a few hours, you might just be masking a much more serious problem.

So what’s causing your sinuses to make your life miserable?

While there are several things that could cause sinus pressure, some are more prevalent than the rest. Here are three of the most common causes and how to treat them.

1. Blockages

This is the most common cause and, fortunately, the easiest to treat.

Your sinuses have a narrow point called the ostium, or the transition space. These spots are small openings that are responsible for draining mucus.

If your body begins producing too much mucus, it can build up in or even completely block your sinuses. When a blockage occurs, mucus can backup and cause that familiar pressure.

These blockages can be caused by something as simple as the common cold. Breathing in steam from a hot shower or placing a warm wet washcloth over your nose can help clear the blockage and relieve your symptoms.

If sinus pressure persists after a few days, consult your doctor.

2. Allergies

They’re the bane of nearly everyone’s existence.

It doesn’t matter if they’re triggered by weather, cats, strawberries, or just dust. Allergies can and will make you and your sinuses uncomfortable.

When you’re allergic to something in the environment, it can cause swelling in your nose. This leads to pressure on your sinuses.

Ask the doctor to prescribe you a medication to manage your symptoms. While it’s sometimes impossible to completely avoid irritants, try to stay away from them as possible.

3. Deviated Nasal Septum

There is a thin barrier of bone and cartilage inside your nasal cavity. It acts as a wall between your two nasal passages. This wall is your nasal septum.

The nasal septum should be positioned in the direct center of your nose to separate the two sides. It is possible for this barrier to shift either through injury or genetics, making one section smaller than the other.

This condition is known as a deviated septum.

Aside from causing snoring, a deviated septum can also trigger sinus issues.

Unfortunately, the only way to fix it is through nasal surgery. While going under the knife is never fun, permanent relief of your symptoms may very well be worth it.

Talk with a doctor about your options. This type of surgery is simple and carries a low risk, so it might be exactly what you need.

Treat Your Sinus Pressure and Find Relief

The only way to truly know what’s causing your symptoms is talking with a specialist. That’s where we come in.

If you’re ready to get rid of your sinus pressure once and for all, contact us! We’ll help you begin your journey to a life free from sinus pain.

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