recovering from sinus surgery

Helpful Advice for Recovering from Sinus Surgery

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recovering from sinus surgeryAre you recovering from sinus surgery?

You might be wondering what to expect. The good news is that 85-90 percent of patients have good to excellent relief of their symptoms after surgery.

However, everyone has a different reaction to surgery. You’re also likely to have a few post procedure symptoms that can be taken care of by using a few simple tips.

While a sinus surgery is a sure way to relieve you of your sinus pain, you need to be prepared for what comes next. Here’s what to expect and what precautions to take to ensure a successful recovery.

After Surgery

There are many simple remedies that can help with sinus relief. But a sinus surgery is one of the most successful ways to deal with your issues.

It’s a relatively simple procedure that can be handled under basic anesthesia. Most patients are even able to go home the same day after surgery.

Still, most people take 3-5 days to feel normal after the procedure. Your sinus pain might be gone, but you still need to be on the lookout for symptoms.

Common post procedure symptoms include swelling, bloody nose, runny nose, and mucus. It’s completely normal to experience these symptoms when recovering from sinus surgery.

You might also experience some temporary congestion, headaches, or slight nasal discharge. Your doctor should give you some nasal packing to help with the healing process.

Slight bleeding is normal and can be blocked with nasal packing. You should be on the lookout for excessive bleeding. Though rare, excessive bleeding should be dealt with through a trip to the hospital.

Infection is also rare but easily managed. A doctor can simply prescribe some antibiotics should infection occur.

Most patients take one to two weeks off of work to aid in their recovery.

Tips on Recovering From Sinus Surgery

Recovering from sinus surgery is easy. That’s especially true if you pay attention to some simple tips.

Keep your head elevated immediately after your operation. This helps to avoid bleeding and nasal swelling.

Try to stand or sit instead of laying down. Laying down can clog your sinuses during the initial stages of recovery.

You should also refrain from blowing your nose for at least a week following surgery. Doing so increases the risk of nosebleeds.

During your recovery, you should refrain from overexerting yourself. Try to avoid exercise to keep your nose safe. Rest and relax as much as possible.

Finally, a humidifier can help keep swelling down. Putting one in your living room can also help you avoid congestion.

Next Steps

Your recovery can be made simple using these tried and true tips. After a few days, you should be on your way to a congestion and pain-free life.

Make sure to consult a doctor if your nose doesn’t heal within a few weeks. You should also schedule a follow-up consultation with your doctor within a week of surgery.

Are you considering sinus surgery? We can help. Schedule an appointment with our Atlanta office today.

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