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Sinus Center of Atlanta is dedicated to the treatment of sinus and nasal conditions and allergies. Our physicians are among Atlanta’s finest board-certified otolaryngologists (ear, nose & throat doctors) with a special interest in the treatment and management of sinusitis, nasal obstructions, allergic rhinitis and other related conditions. Our medical team includes experienced allergists and sinus doctors, and we offer a full range of minimally invasive and surgical treatments for sinus and nasal conditions in addition to allergy testing. We are dedicated to your health and will work with you to provide the best treatment options to effectively manage your condition. Our practice is also a leading provider of Balloon Sinuplasty in Atlanta.

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Our advanced sinus, nasal and allergy treatments provide patients who are suffering from chronic sinusitis, nasal obstruction or severe allergies to find lasting relief, not just temporary cessation of symptoms.

Minimally Invasive Procedures

Surgical Procedures

Allergy Testing & Treatment


The expert physicians of the Sinus Center of Atlanta are specially trained and certified in treating a wide range of sinus, nasal and allergy conditions. We are the leading practice providing Balloon Sinuplasty in Atlanta.

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